Brand protection – benefits

Increase in brand recognition on the Internet, is associated with a greater risk of harmful actions by unfair competition, unauthorised use of rights to the brand or its products or services, or even reputation damage in the form of deliberate issuance of negative, anonymous reviews.

What threats are awaiting you on the Internet?

  • Theft or impersonation of your brand
  • Loss of your domain name or trademark
  • Brand impersonation as part of SEO or Google Ads
  • Unfair competition on services such as Facebook, Instagram, Allegro or Amazon
  • black marketing actions: opinions in GoWork,,, Google Moja Firma

How will an ongoing monitoring and response system assist you?

  • protection of the Internet domain
  • on-going removal of negative opinions, information, comments
  • limiting unfair competition
  • securing development
  • monitoring of word-of-mouth marketing

What is Brand 365 Protection all about?

We conduct a full analysis of the factual state – the rights held, including copyrights, domain rights, word and graphic designations, the characteristics and uniqueness of the brand used, formal safeguards, as well as the channels used for communicating with customers and distributing goods or services.

  • what keywords we will protect,
  • which elements have been secured, and which require formal action,
  • which media will be monitored,
  • what reaction procedure we will adopt in the case of detected violations.

The result of the audit is a report in which we will indicate what steps should be taken to ensure full security of brand rights and protection against unauthorised third party actions, as well as to start ongoing monitoring of infringements.

On the basis of the conducted analysis, we will undertake a full formal service of the process of protecting a brand – starting from scenarios prepared by a lawyer / patent attorney, through preparation of documentation, to representation during the entire process aimed at securing rights and implementation of monitoring and response mechanisms.

Once the brand is secured, we will implement a monitoring system consisting of ongoing analysis of the occurrence, the context of the use of the brand and related keyword phrases to determine whether there is any:

  • infringement of the brand rights;
  • brand impersonation;
  • “black marketing” published by:
  • former employees / competitors / dissatisfied customers.
  • Use of the brand in competitor campaigns, including:
  • key phrases (SEO)
  • Sponsored campaigns (Google Ads)
  • Actions of unfair competition;
  • other forms of negative word-of-mouth marketing.

Monitoring includes:

  • organic results of the Google search engine;
  • Once the brand is secured, we will implement a monitoring system consisting of ongoing analysis of the occurrence, the context of the use of the brand and related keyword phrases to determine whether there is any:
  • Internet forums;
  • social media;
  • opinion forming channels

As soon as we detect any irregularities, we will take direct action to remedy them, including on the basis of the notice & takedown principle. The measures we take will be tailored to the infringement in question, the medium in which it was discovered and aiming to:

  • the removal of individual infringing phrases/products;
  • the removal of photographs and graphics;
  • launch tools to eliminate or limit the use of private labels as part of Google search campaigns;
  • launching tools on social media (Facebook / Instagram);
  • the removal / moderation of infringing posts by employees / customers / business partners.

The purpose of the complementary actions undertaken in the implementation of the service is to protect and then enable the detection of, and respond to, identified violations.

On a monthly basis, you will receive a report of the breaches found, the actions undertaken, and the conclusions and guidelines that we believe can help you realise the full potential of your brand.

What is Brand Protection?

Brand protection holds pivotal significance for businesses, particularly those
distinguished by unique designs or new technologies. While IT companies and tech
startups are prime beneficiaries, entrepreneurs across various sectors are
increasingly recognizing the substantial potential and advantages inherent in
preserving intellectual property.

The key advantages of this solution include:

  • Preservation of the company’s image
  • Swift and effective identification of infringements in legal disputes
  • Protection against the actions of competitors
  • Acquisition of a valuable asset within the company’s assets
  • Extensive protective coverage within a chosen territory

A brand individualizes goods and services, making them visible to potential
consumers. It helps acquire new customers, promote the company online and in the
public sphere, and enter new markets. For these reasons, it is essential to
protect it from theft, loss, and illicit activities such as black marketing and
posting negative, false reviews on popular platforms.

However, brand protection is not limited to trademark registration with the
Patent Office. The next step in this process is to develop a strategy that
allows for effective management of the IP portfolio, adapting it to the current
market situation.

What does brand protection entail in practice? Our law firm offers a wide range
of services in this regard. We tailor each action to the client’s needs and

As part of our brand protection service, we provide:

  • Competition monitoring and immediate response to brand infringements.
  • Regular scanning of databases to identify threats (including TMView and
    eSearch Plus).

  • Protection of the entrepreneur’s internet domains.
  • Taking appropriate actions in response to identified infringements,
    including participating in legal proceedings and filing objections.

Why choose RPMS Legal Office?

The Internet, as a field for our activity, is also the reason for our success.

Our legal firm specialises in rendering services to clients from the Internet, software and data communications industries, including e-commerce / SEO / SEM, who are particularly exposed to acts of unfair competition and other unlawful actions carried out using available IT tools.

We know the reality of the market

We have an extensive IP department dealing with brand protection, i.e. eliminating and limiting actions that constitute unfair competition: brand impersonation, defamation and attempts to claim the rights to a brand or particular assets of a company.

We counteract market threats

We effectively support entrepreneurs in limiting the risk and combating unlawful activities, including acts of unfair competition, that threaten the interests of our Clients. We eliminate and, if necessary, solve problems related to unlawful conduct, violating brand rights, personal rights or good manners.

We have experience in E-commerce

We are focused on the e-commerce sector and legal regulations directly affecting entrepreneurs who sell online. For years, we have served clients from many industries, adjusting the methods of protection of their interests according to the realities of specific branches of business.

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