We effectively support entrepreneurs in mitigating risk and combating unfair competition activities that threaten their business interests. We solve problems related to unlawful conduct and good manners. As a Law Firm specialising in providing services to clients in the ICT industry, including the Internet industry (eCommerce / SEO / SEM) and programming industry which are particularly vulnerable to unfair competition – we have an extensive IP department dealing with brand protection, elimination and suppression of activities constituting as an act/expression of unfair competition.
If the interests of your company are violated by another entrepreneur or customer, please contact us – remember that you are entitled to assert your rights not only in case of illegal conduct, but also in case of good manners, or if the conduct simply damages your good name.

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    As an act of unfair competition, we can define such activities as:

    • Brand impersonation, including introducing similar misleading brand names;
    • Unfair marketing activities (misleading, unfair, unethical, comparative),
    • Taking over customers and employees;
    • Violating company secrets,
    • Marketing very similar products (imitation, impersonating another company),
    • Slandering, as well as unfair ratings and reviews,
    • False labelling of products and services (false geographical origin),
    • Avalanche sale,
    • Persuading to terminate or not to perform contracts,
    • Obstructing market access for other entrepreneurs,

    When is it worth using our services?

    RPMS Legal Office is a team of experienced experts who will analyse your situation from scratch, developing the best course of action. Please choose our services if:

    • You require the most effective protection against unfair competition, among others by developing the right company policy and internal procedures,
    • We have full facilities to protect the brand – from the trade mark registration or industrial designs to securing the execution of contracts and maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data (company secrets),
    • You need help in pursuing a claim against a unfair competitor,
    • You expect professional advice both in defending yourself against claims from other entrepreneurs and in the protection of your own interests,
    • Your actions or those of your competitors need to be analysed in order to find out whether they may be considered illegal or morally harmful,
    • You are looking for a professional representation of your interests during negotiations and mediation (amicable settlement), or in a court case.

    What do you gain by choosing RPMS?

    We have comprehensive technical and organisational background to secure your rights. We will conduct the trade mark registration process, file industrial design and patent applications, implement rules and documentation limiting unfair competition – both on the employees and subcontractors’ part as well as other competitors operating on the market. Therefore, you will gain:


    • Full domain protection, regardless of extensions and registration,
    • Protection against domain pirates (cybersquatting)
    • Protection against impersonation of brand phrases as part of the Google Ads campaign or positioning,
    • Boost your brand’s reputation by using ® with a wording – not just your logo,
    • Simplified infringement reporting procedure on Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Allegro, Olx,
    • The possibility of limiting the competition even if its logo is completely different
    • In the case of LOGO (word and figurative trade mark) registration, you benefit from the protection of the general graphic layout of the brand, including the markings on the products or signed services.
    • Possibility to create a franchise network and monetize on your brand
    • Securing company’s brand rights in the event of the owner’s death
    • An effective tool to fight unfair competition


    • Formal protection of sensitive data (company secrets);
    • Ensuring transparency and security of cooperation with contractors
    • Identification of threats, gaps and vulnerabilities in the protection of sensitive data within the following areas: legal, technical and organisational;
    • Verification and supervision of implemented rules concerning protection of sensitive data
    • Full legal support in the execution of your rights and claims arising from violations of company secrets


    By choosing our services, you can claim both for the negligence of a competitor, their results, obtain compensation, claim back the wrongful financial benefits, and repair the damage caused. Through our intervention, a competitor will not only stop jeopardizing your interests, but will also be required to make an appropriate statement in an appropriate, predetermined form, or to mitigate the effects of the actions that have been detrimental to your reputation.

    In addition, if another entity accuses you of acting contrary to the principles of fair competition, you can count on our professional advice and legal assistance. We will analyse your situation in accordance with the Act on Counteracting Unfair Market Practices and then advise you on how to adjust your conduct and internal policy to the applicable laws and standards.

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