Are you looking for an experienced real estate lawyer? Trust a team of experts who have been practicing in this field of law for years.

We offer specialized real estate law services in the context of Polish law. Our law firm supports small businesses and major players in the real estate market. We have the necessary knowledge and resources to assist with property or construction-related matters.

We provide legal advice on construction law, assist with administrative procedures, guide you step by step in your investment endeavours, and handle all necessary formalities. Our services cover transactions related to both:

  • Properties for individuals,
  • Multimillion-dollar projects undertaken by professionals.

We collaborate with notaries, tax advisors, surveyors, and licensed intermediaries to address any complexities within the Polish legal system. You can expect comprehensive support, including cost optimization for your investments and specific construction industry requirements.

Our team includes specialists in civil and construction law. RPMS real estate lawyers have extensive experience providing legal support to large enterprises, SMEs, governmental bodies, and individuals.

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Real Estate Law Services in the Context of Polish Law

  • Comprehensive analysis of the legal status of real estate
  • Representation in administrative proceedings related to the investment process and the properties themselves (including permits, construction, spatial development plans)
  • Preparation of transaction documents
  • Representation of clients in disputes and compensation matters related to real estate
  • Guidance and representation in the safe sale and purchase of real estate
  • Due diligence and representation in the acquisition of shares in real estate companies
  • Advice and negotiation of investment financing terms
  • Representation in adverse possession and easement cases
  • Legal advice on matters between co-owners
  • Initiating and making entries/removals from land registers
  • Legal advice on lease, leasehold, and lending agreements
  • Participation in land survey proceedings

Real Estate Due Diligence in Poland

We conduct an analysis and legal verification of real estate, including buildings, land, commercial properties, and industrial properties. We rectify their legal status and represent clients in legal disputes.

As part of our real estate due diligence service, we will determine for you:

  • The legal status of the property
  • Opportunities and risks associated with the investment
  • Recommendations and information regarding spatial planning, encumbrances, construction conditions, property titles (e.g., mortgages), risks related to leases, rentals, or contracts, claims from third parties, property taxes, and fees.

In addition to these services, we offer various standard and non-standard services in the field of real estate law in Poland.

Our lawyers provide advice on construction contracts, real estate matters, construction projects, and their legal foundations.

We aim to provide comprehensive services at RPMS, which is why our team consists of not only lawyers and legal advisors but also notaries, tax consultants, property managers, licensed intermediaries, and surveyors. This allows us to offer services that address the specific requirements of the construction industry and the complexities associated with construction works.

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Investment Planning: Compliance with Regulations and Zoning Conditions

RPMS Law Firm provides assistance in matters related to construction law. This offer is primarily aimed at private and public investors, as well as those who encounter difficulties in obtaining construction permits.

Our specialists guide clients through the entire investment process, including zoning conditions and local development plans. According to Polish real estate law, the construction of any property begins with selecting a design that complies with local zoning or construction conditions.

Within these services, we can assist you with:

  • Obtaining zoning conditions (conceptual design, utilities, environmental decisions, etc.)
  • Filing complaints about administrative inaction
  • Procedures for changing local zoning and land development plans
  • Mediation between parties
  • Surveying and cartography matters based on real estate law
  • Compensation claims related to the implementation of local zoning and development plans

Obtaining Building Permits

A building permit is an administrative decision that allows construction to take place. This document specifies the conditions that must be met to legally carry out a construction project. In Polish law, it plays a crucial role. Without the appropriate permit, you risk being ordered to demolish the structure, even if it is already completed.

Interestingly, Polish law also accommodates construction works that do not require such a permit. Nevertheless, they must still be reported to the relevant authority.

By using our law firm’s services, you don’t need to delve into complex regulations. A real estate lawyer will provide support in:

  • The entire process of obtaining a building permit or an occupancy permit, as well as other construction process documents (some of which can be obtained within 24 hours)
  • Construction process matters (project execution, disputes arising from agreements with investors, developers, designers, and contractors, legal support for construction work, contract execution), as well as disputes in this regard

Additionally, we provide advice and conduct an analysis of the entire documentation (primarily focused on examining contracts in terms of essential order conditions within public procurement).

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Acquiring and Disposing of Real Estate (or Rights to Real Estate)

In our practice, we deal with the preparation, negotiation, and execution of various agreements, including preliminary and binding agreements for the sale of real estate. Our law firm’s services cover:

  • Concluding and executing developer agreements
  • Compensation for developer agreements
  • Matters related to perpetual usufruct of real estate
  • Real estate acquisition and sale transactions
  • Matters related to the division of joint ownership, as well as amalgamation and division of real estate

Legalization of Unauthorized Construction

Another service provided by our law firm in the field of real estate law is legal support for the legalization of unauthorized construction or the issuance of permits for use and related agreements.

We represent clients during inspections by building inspection authorities. Furthermore, we provide complete administrative support (with the assistance of cooperating architects) and handle matters related to unauthorized construction in cases involving neighbors or investors.

Client Representation in Administrative Proceedings

As real estate lawyers, we represent clients in court and before public administration bodies in matters related to construction law and project execution. We offer:

  • Legal assistance in proceedings before building inspection authorities
  • Preparation of appeals against administrative decisions, including appeals regarding zoning conditions, refusals to establish zoning conditions, appeals related to the refusal to issue a building permit, and refusals to issue a building permit
  • Filing complaints about administrative inaction
  • Obtaining location, environmental, utility, and driveway decisions, among others.

We participate in all court and administrative proceedings related to construction. We prepare the necessary applications, appeals against decisions issued by first-instance authorities, including complaints to the Voivodship Administrative Court and cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court.

We represent clients in administrative proceedings before architectural and construction administration authorities and building inspection authorities. We support clients in administrative court disputes, including those before the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as other court disputes and in the management of construction projects.

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