The RPMS Legal Office provides services to clients in securing and managing their property and personal copyrights. We specialize in providing services in the industry related to modern technologies, Internet, creative and marketing industry, in particular:

  • programming and IT industry
  • marketing agencies and marketing content
  • branding agencies
  • graphic and design studies
  • fashion industry

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    • We prepare, negotiate and analyse license agreements and copyright transfer agreements,
    • We provide comprehensive support in the process of trademark, design or patent registration,
    • We deal with the protection of personal and material copyrights – we provide professional, specialist advice in this area,
    • We represent our Clients in pre-litigation and court litigation proceedings, slander claims, as well as claiming copyrights,
    • We assist our Clients in the fight against unfair competition, including illegal advertisements (also online) or slander,
    • We conduct damages and compensation proceedings regarding the infringement of personal rights.

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    Copyright issues evoke direct associations with the creative industry. However, in the sense of the law, almost every work that constitutes a manifestation of human creative activity can be covered by this form of legal protection. Therefore, it is used not only by artists and people from the creative industry, but also by entrepreneurs who in this way effectively protect their good name, brand, privacy and author’s ideas.

    Proprietary copyrights

    Copyrights can be the subject of sales contracts, are transferable and can be inherited. The clauses concerning them are often included in civil and commercial contracts.

    Authors moral rights

    However, in the case of personal copyrights, there is unlimited protection for an unlimited period of time, which cannot be waived or disposed of. They are based, among other things, on the right to authorship, the possibility of anonymously sharing a work or marking it with a name or pseudonym, the reservation of the inviolability of its form, fair use, etc.


    The medium on which it is consolidated/recorded is irrelevant, so the concept of a work itself is very broad and can cover many different fields. It is about what immediately springs to mind about a work (musical, literary, visual, film, choreographic), as well as works from industries or themes more or less distant from typical artistic activity, such as architectural designs, geographical maps, plans, industrial designs and computer programs. 

    This list is not exhaustive, and establishing that something is a work requires meeting certain conditions, such as maintaining the individual character of the activity and the need to consolidate/record it (in any form).

    Bet on a team of experienced lawyers who specialise in property and personal copyrights. Our legal service guarantees full compliance with the regulations in force and no risk associated with the signing of license agreements and the transfer of copyrights. We successfully protect the interests of our Clients in pre-trial proceedings, at the negotiation stage, as well as in court litigation, we always obtain positive results – always to the benefit and satisfaction of the Client.

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