Support in the enforcement of labour law is a service addressed to both employing entrepreneurs and employees themselves. Some conflicts and misunderstandings are so complex, time consuming or multi-level that seeking professional help is the only right solution. Sometimes negotiations are enough, other times it is necessary to go to court. 

In case of a dispute with a public administration authority (ZUS / Tax Office) and the need to file an appropriate appeal against a decision, professional support in substantive dispute resolution usually proves to be indispensable. 

The RPMS Legal Office provides services in the field of consultancy, preparation and assessment of employee documentation, as well as support in negotiations and court cases, including the drafting of appeals against decisions (ZUS) and complaints to court. We effectively protect the interests of employers and employees in accordance with applicable regulations, relying on years of experience and an excellent knowledge of the law.

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    What we can assist you in:

    • preparation and evaluation of employee documentation, including employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, managerial contracts, regulations and codes, 
    • client representation in disputes concerning the establishment of the employment relationship and its termination (contractual clauses, recognition of termination as ineffective, appeals against disciplinary dismissals, etc.) 
    • drafting an appeal against a decision of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) challenging a rehabilitation benefit/allowance as well as further representation in these proceedings; 
    • representing clients in disputes related to non-payment of remuneration resulting from an employment relationship, e.g., payment of outstanding remuneration, compensation or severance pay 
    • drafting appeals against decisions of the Tax Office and further representation in the proceedings; 
    • representing clients in disputes arising from mobbing, discrimination and occupational accidents, 
    • advice on individual and collective redundancies, 
    • obtaining compensation for unlawful treatment (including the already mentioned mobbing, discrimination and occupational accidents) as well as occupational diseases or unjustified termination of employment contracts.

    Pomoc prawna dla pracodawców i pracowników w sprawach spornych

    Legal assistance for employers and employees in legal disputes

    Our services are divided into 2 stages: 

    •  During the first stage, we try to reach an agreement between the employee and the employer through negotiations, i.e. pre-litigation. This is a recommended preliminary action, which saves a lot of time and money for both parties. 
    • However, if the negotiations fail, we represent the client during court and enforcement proceedings according to an action strategy tailored to the specific situation.
      Our support is comprehensive – based on the power of attorney we represent the client throughout the entire process.

    Drafting and evaluation of employee documentation

    We provide comprehensive employee documentation, including employment contracts, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements with company’s board members, and managerial contracts, as well as employee codes and regulations, necessary for the proper functioning of an enterprise, including: codes of ethics, anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination policies, work regulations, remuneration regulations, social benefit fund, and collective labour agreements.

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