Since the beginning, the legal office has been specialising in providing professional and comprehensive services to entrepreneurs from the e-business sector, in particular e-marketing agencies.

We believe that through our many years of experience and successes we can translate into the activity of each of our clients from the Internet marketing industry, including such a specialised industry as SEO / SEM.

We support marketing agencies, and well-known institutions providing programming services, branding agencies or those involved in building and administering websites, providing comprehensive services for this specific business sector.


Due to the adopted specialisation, the Legal Office is able to provide proven and effective solutions supporting the development of entities dealing with website positioning (SEO/SEM).

We believe that the key to success is to understand our client and the industry in which they operate. From the very beginning our aim has been to achieve a high level of specialisation in providing services to entrepreneurs within the Internet industry.


  • Our specialists have extensive experience in representing our Clients’ interests in negotiation processes with contractors and clients, offering substantive support at every stage of the proceedings. We do not conduct divorce, family or criminal cases – we are specialists in the literal sense of the word!
  • We have conducted over 850 court cases exclusively covering the subject of website positioning (SEO). We have successfully represented our clients in the most difficult cases (98.63%) – litigation, including hard debt collection.
  • We have an extensive factual background – access to current acts / jurisprudence / numerous expert opinions – which define the principles of providing services concerning the positioning industry – in order to support our clients in updating and optimising internal procedures, commercial activities or after-sales services, so that these activities are as effective, efficient and comply with the current law.
  • We have the knowledge and skills to deal with specialised topics related to the provision of positioning services, and therefore we understand and are able to adjust the results of our services to the specifications of the SEO/SEM industry.
  • Issues such as linking, content marketing, analytical software (Majestic, ahrefs) or google tools are not a mystery to our lawyers.
  • We offer the preparation of all procedures as well as the complete documentation for individual services or projects, taking into account the individual needs and expectations of our clients as well as the operating environment.
  • The RPMS Legal Office offers comprehensive support – by entrusting us with your interests, you can be certain that we will supervise the processes related to establishing the cooperation with contractors, debt collection, protection of corporate secrecy or personal data, as well as optimisation of internal processes of the company’s operation.
  • We provide image support services, because from experience we know that building a brand reputation and gaining positive opinions is a solid foundation for success. As part of our service, we are able to ensure that unreliable or anonymous contractors do not infringe on our customers’ personal rights.
  • We ensure full confidentiality of the information entrusted to us. As a professional law firm, we are obliged, within the framework of corporate principles, to take care of our Clients’ interests with the utmost care, including the confidentiality of all information provided to us by our Clients.
  • The Law Firm has implemented IT and organisational security measures to maintain maximum security of the processed data.
  • We support our Clients in establishing cooperation and broadening their developmental horizons.

Did you know that

We have been serving entrepreneurs in the SEO / SEM industry for over 8 years
We know the problems of the SEO industry and we can solve them!

Among all the entrepreneurs in the SEO industry accepted for service by the Law Firm, almost 8 out of 10 had problems with ensuring the timely and full collection of receivables from clients. According to our statistics, the average monthly inflow fluctuated in the range of 75 – 85%.

The implementation of new principles of after-sales service and debt collection processes, including both soft debt collection ensuring the maintenance of good customer relations, and hard debt collection in difficult cases, in most cases resulted in an increase in the inflow of receivables to the level of 97-98%.

Even if individual clients had legal services, communication barriers turned out to be a problem – in particular, the lack of understanding of the principles and tools functioning in the specificity of the SEO industry.

As part of our due diligence processes, it appears that the vast majority of entrepreneurs operating in the industry SEO / SEM loses about 3 – 8% of revenues as a result of incorrect organizational and legal solutions.

Optimizing internal processes allows you to increase the efficiency of individual departments, accelerate decision-making processes and implementation of new projects, and also allows you to eliminate the most common problems as part of after-sales service.

Our experience shows that the correct optimization of the company’s operating principles in the SEO industry allows for a significant reduction in costs, and thus an increase in profitability and obtaining additional funds for further development.

It is well known that the Internet industry is one of the main undergoing dynamic changes and that it has and will continue to have an increasing influence on the development of modern economic relations.

Every entrepreneur who is aware of the development of technology and trends must constantly adapt his offer and build a relationship with customers based on current standards and available tools. The above applies both to the clients of SEO agencies looking for new sources of customer acquisition, and the agencies themselves, which in an endless race adjust their strategies to further development.

Since both the Internet and legal industries are constantly changing, it is necessary to react and adapt the conducted activity to the current market realities.

Progress requires change, and changes require innovation.

In the era of constant race and shortages, qualified staff is the key to success. The divorce in the SEO industry cannot take place solely on commercial activities, but on the actual results of the services provided.

As a law firm dealing with services, we are well aware of the needs of entrepreneurs in the industry and we are able to propose solutions that, on the one hand, will be conducive to acquiring new employees, and on the other hand, will secure, and not necessarily through the implementation of abstract penalties and ineffective legal solutions.

Almost every client of the Law Firm at some point in its operation encountered development barriers that could not be overcome within the existing internal resources or adopted organizational and legal solutions.

Our experience shows that crossing these barriers requires the implementation of specific organizational changes and adapting the strategy to the current market trends.
Such a reorganization requires comprehensive action in various fields of the company’s operation, ranging from building relationships both inside and outside the company, conducting analytical activities, optimizing internal structures to finally end up with the formal implementation of rules and ongoing verification, which we know and have experienced.

As a law firm that has been serving specialized marketing agencies (including SEO) for 8 years, we are able to offer proven and safe solutions. At the same time, we provide services to the largest positioning agencies in Poland.

We have substantive knowledge and skills to navigate specialist topics related to the provision of positioning services, and thus we understand and are able to adjust the effects of our services to the specificity of the SEO / SEM industry.

Issues related to linking, content marketing, analytical software (Majestic, Ahrefs, Semstorm, Senuto etc.) or google tools – are not a secret for our staff, therefore we are able to provide service without communication barriers and satisfactory solutions tailored to the market of marketing agencies (SEO ).


Our Legal Office has extensive experience in serving clients from the Internet marketing (e-marketing) sector. We specialise in the preparation of formal facilities for the functioning of business entities providing services via the Internet, including regulations, security policies, general conditions, forms and others.

Our existing clients include, among others:

  • store platforms;
  • branding agencies;
  • mailing platforms (email marketing);
  • content marketing agencies (content marketing);
  • website development specialists;
  • e-commerce industry;
  • service providers related to the administration of websites;

Our lawyers have conducted numerous restructuring processes in marketing and ICT companies, and participated in the processes of creating and launching new services on the market. Due to our gained experience, we will prepare effective, proven, secure and pro-client solutions for the stable development of your business.

Within the scope of our specialisation, the Law Firm provides comprehensive substantive support, taking into account both the current Client’s needs and the requirements arising from the applicable laws.

Legal SERVICES for web developers and E-BUSINESS

We provide full support in the field of legal services for the Web Developers industry. Thanks to our experience and many years of service for enterprises belonging to this segment of the economy, we are aware of the legal problems this industry is facing. Broadly understood Web Development is not only the issues of website design , engine building, code optimization, but also issues related to more complex issues, including copyrights and industrial property rights of implemented projects.

In connection with the above, we provide legal services Including:

  • Preparation of contracts for the design of websites and applications;
  • Analyzing and reviewing contracts in the field of building websites and applications;
  • Preparation of contracts for the backend and frontend of the project, including contracts for backend developers and frontend developers (employment contract, B2B, contract of mandate, contract for specific work;
  • Protection of rights to the project;
  • Preparation and analysis of license agreements ;
  • Securing rights to the brand (registration of a trademark in the Polish, Community EU and international procedure, respectively at the Patent Office, EUIPO and WIPO);
  • Layout rights protection (registration of an industrial design under the Polish, Community, EU and international procedure, respectively in the Patent Office, EUIPO and WIPO);
  • Creation of regulations and procedures in the field of intellectual property protection, trade secrets, counteracting acts of unfair competition.
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