As part of the provided legal services, our Legal Office particularly supports entrepreneurs at the initial development stage, giving them the opportunity to understand the existing legal mechanisms in the economy and ensures the preparation and implementation of all procedures aimed at securing the Client’s interests – both in terms of partner relations, as well as those resulting from generally applicable legal regulations, concerning the operation in a given industry. We strongly believe that comprehensive and proper/adequate support at this stage of development will ensure a more effective and secure implementation of the assumptions which were the basis and impulse behind the business launch.


In September 2016, a client wishing to start his business activity based on the sale of services via the Internet came to our Legal Office.


– full support in the start-up procedure was provided – we prepared the company’s contract models/templates and then registered the company in the National Court Register;

  • – prepared templates/models of documents necessary for the commencement of business activity, while protecting the Client’s interests, including:
    • a) documents, clauses and information to be implemented on the website;
    • b) commercial contracts, as well as internal documents – regulations, employment contracts, contracts with subcontractors
  • – preparation and implementation of personal data protection rules
  • – Management and staff/employee training;
  • – providing full support for the future business operations

Since the commencement of operations, the company has been observing a systematic revenue increase while maintaining high profitability and stable collection of receivables.

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