Legal Services in Poland

Our law firm provides comprehensive and ongoing legal services to business
entities. We cover every area of the law, from taxation to debt collection
processes. Our services are most frequently utilized by companies in the
e-commerce, software development, IT, data processing (including personal data),
internet marketing, modern technology, and FinTech sectors.

Each of our services offers a dual advantage: compliance with current legal
regulations and a perfect alignment with the industry in which you operate.

Our goal is to deliver services that cater to the specific needs of your
business. We also place a strong emphasis on emerging technologies. We
understand their potential and how to harness it. This is why we have been
supporting companies in the Internet, IT, and financial sectors for years.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our legal services are distinguished by their comprehensive, individualized
approach. Firstly, we are a team of lawyers, tax experts, and analysts. We have
a network of partners that enables us to resolve any issue. There are no tasks
that we consider impossible.

Secondly, we offer a wide range of services. We handle negotiations, debt
collection, restructuring, and company transformations into different legal
forms. We draft and review contracts. We support clients in project settlements,
acquiring licenses and permits, and preparing the necessary documentation and
full formal background. We ensure that your business operates legally and
without hindrances in Poland.

Thirdly, we cover every crucial area of business law, including debt collection,
taxation, and intellectual property protection. Are you an entrepreneur seeking
comprehensive legal services? Please feel free to contact us. Our specialists
will prepare an ideal, customized action plan for you.

Legal Services for Start-ups

Assisting early-stage companies is another one of our specialties. We aid
start-ups in entering the market and optimize their operational processes. We
provide them with personal data protection (GDPR) documentation, offer tax
advice, and help them choose the best legal form.

Every action within the scope of services provided by RPMS Law Firm is
meticulously thought out. By choosing our attorneys, you invest in your success.
You gain a strong ally and ongoing support at every stage of your company’s

As part of the provided service, our legal office offers:

  1. drafting, reviewing and securing the execution of contracts with contractors, as well as comprehensive legal services, depending on the client's current needs;
  2. preparation of documentation regulating the operation of a given entity, including regulations, general terms and conditions of sale, security policies, and others,
  3. assistance in the negotiation process with contractors, including participation in meetings and conferences.
  4. Conducting trainings for management staff and employees;
  5. Legal service of the formal aspects of business operations, including substantive support for individual authorities (Management Board, Supervisory Board, Shareholders' Meeting), as well as representation before the National Court Register;
  6. implementation and on-going supervision of the Client's procedures on personal data protection, protection against unfair market practices and ensuring compliance with competition and consumer rules;
  7. comprehensive legal assistance in matters concerning labor law, including the conclusion and termination of employment contracts as well as drafting of regulations
  8. Legal representation before the National Labor Inspectorate and labor courts, as well as participation during audits of supervisory authorities, including tax audits.
  9. legal assistance in obtaining necessary administrative decisions, licenses, permits.

Debt recovery

As part of our specialisation, the Law Firm provides services supporting the debt recovery process, covering in particular:

  • verification, monitoring and optimisation of the procedures related to the debt collection process employed by the Client, aiming at improving and ensuring maximum efficiency of debt recovery.
  • provision of services in the field of soft (pre-court) and hard (court) debt recovery, where negotiations are conducted with debtors in order to amicably recover the debt, and in the case of non-cooperation - full service in legal and enforcement proceedings.
  • Flexibility in determining the terms of cooperation on account of the provided debt recovery services;
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Foundation and registration of entities

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive services in the field of formation and registration of business entities, in particular commercial law companies, their branches, foundations and associations.

Our lawyers prepare contracts and any kinds of acts related to the foundation of business entities including representing Clients in the course of any legal proceedings involving the matter (e.g. conclusion of contracts before a notary). Our lawyers also assist Clients during the registration proceedings and online (in the S24 mode). We also advise on choosing the appropriate form of business activity, with particular emphasis on the organisational, legal and tax matters.

In our Legal Office we continuously cooperate with notaries and advisors to ensure the implementation of the most optimal solutions regarding newly founded or acquired entities.

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Legal assistance during mergers and acquisitions

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services for mergers, acquisitions and business transformations, including transactions involving the acquisition of an organised part of an enterprise.

The service includes in a full formal and legal audit of the entity conducting the business activity, followed by the presentation of possible solutions with an indication of the most optimal way to take control over the entity designated by the Client. The service covers the process from the beginning of the audit to its conclusion - as part of the representation in registration proceedings before the National Court Register.

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Re-organisation and optimisation

Clients interested in optimising their company's operational processes, as well as investors intending to acquire shares of another fully or an organised part, may use the service of conducting comprehensive legal audits aimed at detecting potential irregularities or possible development paths resulting from the activity of these entities.

Additionally, our Legal Office on an ongoing basis co-operates with tax offices, accounting offices, investment advisors and experienced managers in order to provide substantive support to the Client in the initiated investment process.

The audit is tailored to the needs of a given Client and takes into account the specific nature of its industry. The legal audit service covers, among others, corporate issues, commercial contracts, employee issues, administrative and legal matters, intellectual property rights, litigation, etc.

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Representation in legal proceedings

The Legal Office provides comprehensive and on-going legal assistance in civil and administrative cases, including conducting court proceedings or representing our Client before public administration authorities as their attorney, especially:

  • in all kinds of proceedings before the common courts of all instances,
  • in mediation proceedings.
  • public administration authorities;
  • administrative courts;
  • arbitration courts;
  • Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court;

As part of the legal representation service, a professional attorney actively participates in court proceedings, prepares pleadings and conducts discussions and negotiations on the party's behalf aimed at a prompt and amicable settlement of a given dispute.



Dlaczego warto?

The law firm offers a full and ongoing service to ensure that by procedures related to the protection of data processed in IT systems, w in particular personal data protection taking into account the current legal standards (RODO 2018). Substantive support from the Firm's employees allows you to learn, understand and then implement procedures aimed at full protection of the processed data. As part of the services provided, the Law Firm offers in particular:

  • conducting audits to verify compliance with applicable procedures and standards standards, including including taking into account the changes resulting from the entry into force on 25.05.2018. Regulation European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation data protection) "GDPR";
  • preparation of a complete procedure with documentation including, among others, Security Policy security policy, IT system management manual, contracts for entrusting processing of personal data, as well as all templates of authorisations, regulations and guidelines aiming at preserving the necessary procedures related to processing of personal data processing within the functioning of a given entity.
  • Substantive support of ADO or IODO

The firm has extensive experience in providing services to entrepreneurs, in particular from IT, e-commerce and modern technologies. It specialises in preparing formal background for the operation of business entities providing services via Internet, including regulations, security policies, general terms and conditions, forms, and others.


Within the scope of its services, the Law Firm especially supports entrepreneurs in initial phase of development, giving them the opportunity to understand the legal mechanisms legal mechanisms applicable in economic relations, as well as ensures the preparation and implementation of all procedures aimed at securing the interests of the client - both in relations with partners, as well as those resulting from generally applicable legal regulations concerning regulations concerning functioning in a given industry.


In order to get acquainted with the full offer of our Law Office we invite you to telephone contact, visits at at our office, or by form contact form.

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