Technological progress has led to the fact that in almost every aspect of life we use the latest technological innovations and increasingly advanced software. The dynamic development of new technologies and the growing demands of the market have meant that investment in intellectual property is no longer perceived as an innovation only as a necessity. In business, the use of new technical and technological solutions has become a symbol of change, essential for optimising business operations, communication with contractors and customers, data processing or increasing sales. 

We specialise in providing services for IT, programming, Internet, e-commerce and new technology industries, including financial technology (FIN-TECH) and trading in virtual currencies. We have extensive experience in serving Internet businesses, start-ups and software houses. We know the needs of modern businesses and are eager to share our experience.

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    • legal counselling in the field of IT contracts (drafting, providing opinions on and negotiating contracts, drafting/ templates of legal documents, drafting software, system, infrastructure implementation contracts); 
    • formal and legal advisory and analysis regarding planned ventures in the IT sector and application of New Technologies; 
    • SaaS in terms of drafting and analysing existing contracts, service provision regulations and SLAs; 
    • drafting contracts for software development based on models selected by the client: waterfall, agile, prototype, spiral, incremental, scrum; 
    • preparation of contracts with programmers (employment contract, contract for specific work, B2B) with respect to backend and/or frontend of the software; 
    • Legal support in attracting external investors (NDA – non-disclosure agreement, agreements to create MVP – minimum viable product, necessary to present to a potential investor); 
    • Preparation of license agreements for the use of software, mobile applications, web applications, websites and web portals; 
    • Legal support in the development of software dedicated to companies (CRM, ERP, CMS, EAM, BI and SCM systems): 
      • CRM – a set of tools, supporting the company’s customer relationships; 
      • ERP – a system for collecting, processing and interpreting data in various areas of business activities; 
      • CMS – a system used to manage the website content; 
      • EAM – a system supporting the company’s resource management;  
      • BI – a system supporting decision-making in the company (analysis of market data with sales results, etc.) 
      • SCM – a system for supply chain management; 
    • analysis and drafting of MVP (minimum viable product) contracts for start-ups and new projects; 
    • drafting and reviewing software service and maintenance agreements based on SLA and KPIs; 
    • drafting and reviewing contracts for UX Designer and UI Designer; 
    • Legal analysis concerning the protection computer programs, mobile and web applications; 
    • Legal support for entities developing computer and mobile games; 
    • Legal support in the development and operation of web portals, websites, social profiles; 
    • Legal support in creating and implementing projects based on crowd sharing and crowdsourcing; 
    • drafting regulations for provision of electronic services, service exchange platforms, domain and hosting regulations; 
    • Support in the field of legal protection of databases; 
    • Legal audit of websites, web portals, online stores; 
    • counseling and drafting contracts for production, implementation, outsourcing and operation of IT systems; 
    • drafting and providing opinions on contracts in the field of information security; 
    • Representation in disputes related to Internet domains, including domain protection; 
    • conducting disputes related to the implementation of projects in the IT and software industry, and client and contractor claims.

    We provide services to industries based their operation on the use of New Technologies:

    • legal advisory concerning the application of New Technologies in business projects (creating, evaluating and negotiating contracts, drafting templates of legal documents, implementation contracts etc.); 
    • Consultancy and formal and legal analysis regarding planned ventures using New Technologies; 
    • Legal support in the field of acquiring external investors for innovative projects with the application of New Technologies (NDA non-disclosure agreements, agreements on creating MVP – minimum viable product necessary to present to a potential investor); 
    • Legal support for projects using artificial intelligence (AI) and their implementation; 
    • Analysis and drafting of MVP (minimum viable product) agreements for start-ups and new projects using New Technologies; 
    • legal support in the implementation of new solutions based on blockchain technology.


    • preparation of complete documentation on the financial technology used in the project; 
    • support for financial institutions, including institutions providing payment, loan, crowdfunding services, or entrepreneurs running online currency exchange offices; 
    • legal support in registering the entity as a Small Payment Institution (SMI) for entities wishing to independently provide payment services, including mobile and web applications. 
    • Legal advice on the MIFD Directive and AML obligations; 
    • Client representation before supervisory authorities, court trials and negotiations; 
    • implementation of investment fund companies’ projects, including registration of closed-end investment funds; 
    • counselling during control proceedings of the PFSA, brokerage house and TFI; 
    • implementation of the PFSA guidelines related to information technology management and IT security; 
    • preparation of internal compliance procedures for companies operating in the financial industry; 
    • GDPR implementation for financial institutions; 
    • legal advice on corporate law activities for companies operating in the financial industry;

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