RPMS Law Firm: Your Guarantee of Professional Support in Polish Labour Law

At RPMS, we provide professional support in the field of labour law in Poland.
Our services are tailored to both businesses and employees. We offer assistance
in preparing and reviewing employment documentation, conducting negotiations,
and representing clients in legal proceedings. We also prepare appeals against
decisions (e.g., from the Social Insurance Institution – ZUS) and complaints for
the courts.

  • Each lawyer and specialist in our team focuses on a specific area of law.
    With nearly 15 years of experience in the market, we have gained substantial
    expertise, particularly in matters related to employment law.
    We clarify the intricacies of this subject in a clear and detailed manner for
    both employees and business owners.

Do you need professional assistance in labour law matters?
Contact us, and we’ll support you with legal and effective actions in the Polish
job market.

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    Why You Need Specialists in Polish Labor Law?

    Foreign investors and corporations often face significant difficulties in this area. From the outset, they encounter the barrier of the complexity of Polish labour law. Some conflicts or misunderstandings can be so intricate, protracted, or multi-faceted that professional legal assistance is the only way out. Specialists in Polish employment law can be the solution to these problems. It’s worth choosing a law firm with years of practice and excellent knowledge of the law. This is precisely what RPMS offers. We prioritize an individual approach, which is highly appreciated by our clients. We understand that sometimes standard negotiations are enough, while other times the situation requires litigation. Thanks to a carefully crafted action strategy, RPMS lawyers will efficiently help you resolve even the most complex situations.

    Recommended Law Firm for Polish Employment Law

    Serving businesses and corporations is our specialty. The RPMS team consists of
    individuals with expertise in various fields of law, including not only lawyers
    but also tax experts and business analysts. We have the necessary know-how and
    experience to tailor our services to your specific needs.

    We operate throughout Poland, serving clients in person and online. We regularly
    publish practical guides and updates on employment law on top
    industry portals.

    We guarantee comprehensive support related to labor law. Our
    law firm’s services primarily include:

    • Preparation and review of employment documentation, such as non-disclosure
      agreements (NDAs) and employment contracts.
    • Representation in disputes concerning the establishment and termination of
      employment relationships.
    • Preparation of appeals against decisions made by ZUS (Social Insurance
      Institution) or the Tax Office.
    • Representation in disputes related to unpaid compensation resulting from
      employment relationships (severance pay, equivalents, overdue wages).
    • Advice on individual and collective dismissals.
    • Obtaining compensation for unlawful treatment.
    • Representation in court disputes related to workplace accidents, bullying,
      or discrimination.

    Our Labour Law Services

    Advice on Polish Labour Law

    The first and primary service utilized by foreign businesses and corporations is ongoing advice on Polish labour law. The issues related to this area of law are highly complex, which is why most clients require regular support in employment law matters.

    Our specialists will assist you with various aspects of this subject:

    • Answering individual questions.
    • Keeping you informed about updates and recent changes in Polish law.
    • Providing guidance on daily employment matters, such as delegation, benefits, employee and employer taxation, ZUS contributions, taxes, leaves, working hours, dismissals, and complaints.
    • Ensuring that your company’s documentation and practices comply with the law.
    • Advising on tax optimization in employment.
    • Representing you in audits and inspections conducted by the Labour Inspectorate, tax authorities, and ZUS.

    These are just a few examples of the areas we cover. If you require different forms of legal assistance in labour law, please feel free to get in touch with us.

    Preparation of Comprehensive Employment Documentation

    We offer comprehensive support in employment documentation, including:

    • Employment contracts.
    • Contracts that consider non-compete clauses.
    • Contracts with confidentiality clauses.
    • Contracts with members of corporate bodies.
    • Management contracts.
    • Codes of conduct and employee regulations essential for the proper functioning of the company, including:
    • Codes of ethics.
    • Anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies.
    • Work regulations.
    • Compensation and employee benefit fund regulations.
    • Collective labour agreements.

    You will receive a full set of documents and templates that you can use in the process of employing in Poland and beyond. This includes all the codes and work regulations required by Polish employment law. All documents are prepared in both Polish and English.

    Representation in Employment Law Disputes

    We provide advice on employment disputes in Poland. We represent clients in negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, and court hearings. Our services cover disputes related to compensation, bonuses, bullying, discrimination, wrongful terminations, severance, and bonuses. We also provide advice on disputes with ZUS, NFZ, the Tax Office, and the State Labour Inspectorate (PIP). Our services go beyond consultation. We also represent clients before labour authorities.

    In the case of employment disputes, our service is divided into two stages:

    1. In the first stage, we strive to reach an agreement between the employee and the employer through negotiations, in other words, pre-litigation proceedings. This initial action is recommended as it can lead to significant time and cost savings for both parties.
    2. If negotiations fail to yield the desired result, we represent the client in court proceedings and enforcement actions based on a tailored action plan developed to suit the individual situation.

    Our support in employment law is comprehensive. Based on the power of attorney granted to us, we represent our clients throughout the entire process.

    Preparation of Appeals Against ZUS and the Tax Office Decisions

    If you disagree with a decision made by ZUS or the Tax Office, you have the right to appeal. These authorities have 30 days to amend or revoke their decisions in your case. If they consider your appeal unfounded, they will transfer the case to the court within the next 30 days. This is why it’s essential to engage a lawyer from the beginning. As employment law specialists, we will prepare an appeal and file it on your behalf. In the event of a refusal, we will conduct a court case, participating in hearings, providing information about issued resolutions, and other actions taken as a result of the appeal.

    Advice on Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection

    We have extensive experience in matters related to the protection of intellectual property and copyright. We provide training in this area and offer ongoing advice to authors and businesses. We effectively protect and assist in managing economic, moral, and related rights. Our expertise extends to industries such as new technologies, marketing,
    programming, IT, branding agencies, content marketing, design, and more. Our services related to intellectual property and copyright in employment include:

    • Designing security procedures and NDA documentation (related to confidentiality).
    • Advice on acquiring copyrights and intellectual property for entrepreneurs.
    • Advice on tax incentives for creators and IP Box.
    • Protection against copyright and intellectual property infringements by employees.

    Data Protection in Employment

    Data protection is a crucial aspect of modern businesses. That’s why RPMS Law Firm has a dedicated department for securing data in employment. We implement GDPR security procedures, develop legally required GDPR documentation, provide advice on data protection, and prepare and negotiate data protection agreements in the context of Polish Labour Law. We also offer guidance on data processing and administration by employees.

    Assistance with Individual and Collective Dismissals

    We assist entrepreneurs in employment termination and collective dismissals. If you’re looking for a way to reduce employment in Poland, consider our help with:

    • Advice and representation in individual employment terminations.
    • Advice, strategy development, and representation in collective dismissals.
    • Assessment of the risks associated with employee terminations.
    • Preparing documents and letters related to workforce reductions.
    • Assistance in the dismissal process and the disputes that may arise.

    Labour Law for Investments and Business Startups

    We provide guidance on employment law for investments and business startups. We offer advice on the best forms of employment, related costs, and workforce structure design. We prepare employment-related documents and templates, such as employment contracts and internal procedures, including work regulations and compensation guidelines.

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