Why is tax consulting a popular service among entrepreneurs?

It’s important to understand that the Polish tax system is considered one of the
most complex in the world. The fact that it has consistently ranked low in the
OECD’s tax competitiveness index for several years proves the above.

Among the issues related to Polish tax law, high levels of complexity in
property taxes and associated fees are often cited, as well as limitations on
cost deductions related to industrial buildings.

Furthermore, attempting to resolve tax-related issues independently, without
expert support, can lead to various adverse consequences. The high risk here is
not only due to the intricacies of tax law but also to frequent changes and a
lack of interpretational stability in Polish courts and tax authorities.

This is why tax consultancy proves to be indispensable for entrepreneurs in
Poland. Even the most honest taxpayer may struggle to comprehend their legal
obligations. The responsibility is even greater for those engaged in business

This is where a professional tax lawyer plays a crucial role. An expert in this
field will guide you through the complexities of Polish tax law, offering
optimal tools and effective legal and tax solutions.

Why do you need tax consultancy?

Tax lawyers help in mitigating unnecessary risks. Given the numerous
record-keeping obligations imposed on entrepreneurs, professional support
becomes necessary. Entrepreneurs consult with tax lawyers on various matters,
including, among others, benefiting from exemptions, permits, and tax
incentives, clarifying complex issues related to indirect taxes and
international transactions.

Moreover, business activities often involve external financing and support, such
as EU funds. Tax consultancy can assist you in applying for such resources.

In addition, through tax consulting services, you can also seek assistance with:

  • Making decisions regarding planned and ongoing investments, such as choosing
    the optimal tax structure.
  • Maintaining financial records and other tax-related documentation.
  • Obtaining individual tax interpretations related to your business operations
    or planned investments.
  • Representing you in tax and audit proceedings before tax authorities and
    administrative courts.
  • Providing opinions and explanations on tax matters, including customs,
    international duties, and other public law obligations.
  • Gaining a competitive edge and reducing taxes, for instance, through
    applying lower VAT rates.

Detailed scope of services

  • drafting applications for the issuing of individual tax law interpretations and comprehensive support for the Client 
  • preparation of written opinions and tax memoranda 
  • Preparation of applications for the issuing of individual tax law interpretations
  • dedicated training 
  • Ongoing tax advice

  •  supervision and verification of the tax authorities’ activities performed during a tax and fiscal control 
  • drafting appeals to higher authorities and complaints to voivodeship administrative courts and cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court 
  • Client representation before tax authorities and voivodeship administrative courts as well as the Supreme Administrative Court 
  • preparation of strategies for tax proceedings

  • preparation of tax documentation 
  • implementation of the transfer pricing policy 
  • benchmarking study 
  • transfer pricing risk audit 
  • transfer pricing training 
  • support in the event of tax inspections

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