Optimal solutions

We believe that developing personalised, effective and, consequently, optimal solutions, will ensure the appropriate tax protection for our Clients and completely utilise the available legal and tax tools. 

Thanks to our experienced team and developed methodology in conducting due diligence, we are able to provide services, tailored to our Client’s needs, taking into account the specific nature of their business, objectives as well as organisational and financial capabilities. 

Our strength lies in the complementary knowledge of our specialists – tax advisors who are also qualified lawyers as well as analysts, economic and financial advisors.

Detailed scope of services

  • drafting applications for the issuing of individual tax law interpretations and comprehensive support for the Client 
  • preparation of written opinions and tax memoranda 
  • Preparation of applications for the issuing of individual tax law interpretations
  • dedicated training 
  • Ongoing tax advice

  • verification of the correctness of tax settlements; 
  • due diligence

  •  supervision and verification of the tax authorities’ activities performed during a tax and fiscal control 
  • drafting appeals to higher authorities and complaints to voivodeship administrative courts and cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court 
  • Client representation before tax authorities and voivodeship administrative courts as well as the Supreme Administrative Court 
  • preparation of strategies for tax proceedings

  • preparation of tax documentation 
  • implementation of the transfer pricing policy 
  • benchmarking study 
  • transfer pricing risk audit 
  • transfer pricing training 
  • support in the event of tax inspections
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