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Our Specializations

IT / E-commerce

From the very beginning, the law firm has specialized in providing services to entrepreneurs, in particular in the IT, programming, eCommerce, modern technologies and financial technologies (FinTech) industries. The team of the law firm provides comprehensive legal support including the analysis and preparation of the back office of business entities providing services on the market using technology and via the Internet.

We have experience in conducting restructuring processes, including services for ICT companies, and we have participated in the processes of creating and implementing new services on the market, supporting clients at every stage of the procedure, including the process of negotiating, preparing and reviewing contracts, as well as support for project settlement stage.

Brand protection

Due to the adopted specialization, the Law Firm provides services that include ensuring full protection of the client’s brand, with particular emphasis on functioning on the dynamically changing Internet market. Our support includes both formal and legal protection of the client’s brand (including registration of a trademark or protection of rights to the Internet domain) as well as protection of intellectual property rights (industrial designs, inventions, patents), copyright, as part of the dedicated IP department.

In addition, our support also includes full service, including representation in matters related to combating unfair competition or protection of personal rights, in particular involving actions aimed at removing negative and infringing personal rights entries from such websites as GoWork, GMF, Opineo and others.

Establishment and service of companies

The law firm provides comprehensive services in the field of creating and registering business entities, in particular commercial companies, their branches, foundations and associations, regardless of the city of the seat.
The lawyers of the Law Firm prepare contracts and other forms of incorporation of business entities and represent clients in the course of legal actions creating these entities (e.g. when concluding a contract before a notary public), as well as in registration proceedings and via the Internet (in the S24 mode). We also advise on the selection of the appropriate form of running a business, taking into account in particular organizational, legal and tax issues.

The Law Firm cooperates with notaries and advisers on an ongoing basis to ensure the implementation of optimal solutions for newly created or acquired entities.

Support for marketing agencies

We are a law firm specializing in serving clients from the modern technology industry, therefore we are able to provide professional and comprehensive services to entrepreneurs from the e-business and internet sector, in particular e-marketing agencies.

We are able to translate our many years of experience and previous successes into the activities of each of the clients from the internet marketing industry, including those covering such a specialized industry as website positioning services – SEO and related services (SEM / Google Ads).

We support marketing agencies, as well as institutions providing programming services, branding agencies or dealing with building and administering websites, providing comprehensive legal services for this specific business sector.

Restructuring and optimization

Clients interested in optimizing the processes of their company’s operation, as well as investors intending to acquire shares and stocks in another economic entity or its organized part, may use the service of conducting comprehensive legal audits aimed at detecting potential irregularities or possible development paths resulting from the activities of these entities.

In addition, the Law Firm cooperates on an ongoing basis with tax offices, accounting offices, investment advisers and experienced managers in order to provide substantive support to the client in the initiated investment or reorganization process.

Our Due diligence process is tailored to the needs of a given client and takes into account the specificity of the industry in which it operates. Our support includes, among others, corporate issues, commercial contracts, employee matters, administrative and legal issues or property rights issues, including intellectual property rights and protection of brand rights (trademarks)

Personal data protection (GDPR)

The Law Firm offers full and ongoing services aimed at ensuring that the Client complies with the procedures related to the protection of data processed in IT systems, in particular the protection of personal data taking into account the current legal standards (GDPR 2018). Substantive support from the employees of the Law Firm allows you to get to know, understand and then implement procedures aimed at full protection of the processed data.

As part of the services provided, the Law Firm offers in particular:

• conducting audits to verify compliance with the applicable procedures and standards, including the changes resulting from the entry into force on May 25, 2018 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of persons natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) “GDPR”;

• preparation of a complete procedure along with documentation covering, inter alia, Security policy, IT system management instructions, contracts for entrusting the processing of personal data, as well as all forms of authorizations, regulations and guidelines aimed at maintaining the necessary procedures related to the processing of personal data as part of the functioning of a given entity.

• substantive support for ADO or IODO

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    The team of the Law Firm RPMS

    Why a law firm RPMS?

    We are a team of lawyers, taxpayers and analysts serving primarily entrepreneurs. Always, forever.
    We have been serving business clients for almost 15 years. We have know-how and experience to adjust our services to the needs of customers.
    We are a modern law firm specializing in providing services to entrepreneurs, in particular from IT, programming and internet industries. Our support is always in character individualized.
    Partner network
    We have a network of partners - this is how we provide comprehensive customer service, regardless of the problems they are currently struggling with. We will always find a solution.

    Law Firm RPMS
    Staniszewski & Partners

    RPMS law firm specializes in comprehensive services for business entities, in particular in the e-commerce, internet marketing industries – including SEO, IT and modern technologies. Our experienced lawyers, as part of their high specialization in the field of Internet law, will provide full support in implementing or updating the business, in particular including the preparation of online store documentation (ecommerce), documentation on personal data protection (GDPR) and legal support in other areas of operation.

    We believe that the development of business requires innovation, and innovation requires changes, therefore the model of cooperation offered by the law firm takes into account the progress that accompanies such a dynamically developing industry as the Internet industry and is always adapted to the expectations of clients.
    Our priority is to secure the interests of our clients as well as the formal preparation of the back office, which will not only be effective, but will also provide an impulse for further development of projects and activities of RPMS clients.

    We speak for:

    The lawyers of the Law Firm understand the specifics of the e-commerce and internet marketing industry, which is why we are able to offer safe, proven and individualized legal solutions taking into account the specificity of a given industry and customer expectations, as well as we will propose solutions that will help build trust and further development. Each attorney-at-law in our law firm is a specialist in his profession, which guarantees satisfaction with the professional approach to our clients. We know from experience that only such a model of legal services ensures professionalism and security, and the acquired large group of satisfied and regular clients is the best confirmation.

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    Our Legal News

    Debt / Receivables Collection
    by the office

    The RPMS Law Firm from Poznań provides full support to its clients in the debt recovery process – both pre-trial (soft) and court (hard) debt collection.

    We offer verification, monitoring and optimization of the procedures used by the client related to the debt collection process, which result in an increase in the inflow of receivables. We owe the high effectiveness of debt collection activities to an individualized approach, immediate response to claims submitted by clients, as well as the implemented clear and precise procedures for debt collection services.

    Support from a professional – Law Firm and Legal Adviser allows you to use all the instruments provided for by law in order to recover the debt effectively, quickly and legally. Are you interested in effective debt collection in Poland? If you have any questions, our Attorney at Law will be happy to answer any of them.

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    Partners of a law firm

    The edrone.me platform with full support of the RPMS Law Firm

    In connection with RPMS, the law firm has become an official partner of the EDRONE.ME platform – an international provider of IT services, including specialist CRM software for sales management in the e-commerce industry.

    RPMS is an official partner of EFL Leasing SA

    RPMS Law Firm has become an official partner of EFL LEASING SA. The cooperation is aimed at exchanging competences, experience and contacts, and consequently providing comprehensive support for business clients.

    RPMS is an official partner of AEGON

    We are pleased to announce that RPMS has become an official partner of AEGON. Our specialists will in particular assist AEGON clients in understanding, as well as implementing and managing Employee Capital Plans (PPK) in the enterprise.

    Opinions of clients of the law firm

    FAQ - frequently asked questions

    We always try to be as close to our client as possible, which is why we provide a number of convenient solutions when it comes to contact depending on your preferences. During business hours, we are available both by phone and via e-mail, as well as the contact form located in the “Contact” tab. We also provide the option of ordering a call using a convenient on-line form. All this to advise our clients even better and faster.

    In order to offer the best quality of our services, the initial case analysis is free of charge. We listen, conduct an analysis using the experience of our legal counsels, patent attorneys and tax advisors, and then prepare an appropriate answer. As part of the response to the submitted inquiry, we propose steps that should be taken in a given case, what are the risks and indicate the possible cost of entrusting us with conducting this case.

    Any document that can help us understand the client’s situation will be useful. Depending on the case, our advisors will indicate exactly what documents should be prepared in order to efficiently conduct the analysis. In addition, after the analysis, we additionally indicate what documents should be obtained, if necessary, in order to make the procedure as fast as possible and to increase the chance of success.

    The cost of advice is based primarily on the subject, the degree of complexity of the case and the number of documents necessary to analyze. We always try to be as transparent as possible in our actions towards the client, therefore we prefer to set a lump sum remuneration whenever possible – in advance, so that the client is aware of the specific costs that must be taken into account when handing the case over to service. We also take into account the possibility of establishing remuneration based on success. However, if it is not possible to estimate the costs in advance, we apply hourly wages. Nevertheless, even then, we try to indicate roughly the amount of hours required on the basis of our experience on a from – to basis. We guarantee that when you entrust us with a case, you will not come across any hidden costs.

    It is possible in relatively simple cases where document analysis is not required. In such cases, it is possible to stop at a telephone or e-mail advice. Our lawyers will individually assess whether it is necessary to analyze the documents and will do their best to help each caller as best as possible. Please contact us – we will help!

    All data provided to us, whether for analysis or as part of ongoing cases, is fully confidential. On the one hand, it is ensured by the Act on legal advisers, which is bound under the responsibility of our lawyers, as well as by corporate principles, including the Code of Ethics. On the other hand, our law firm, due to its experience in the IT industry, makes every effort and uses modern technologies to secure resources. Entrusting us with a case is the certainty of professional conduct and peace of mind for the security of confidential information.

    Our law firm specializes in providing corporate services to entrepreneurs. We offer comprehensive services including, among others, professional advice at every stage of the transaction, development of draft resolutions, statutes and company agreements, preparation of legal opinions and others, services for company bodies, creation and reorganization of business entities, due diligence analyzes and many more . In each case, we approach the matter individually, both in terms of service and costs. We know how important attention to detail is, especially in the case of our own company. We started that way too. Therefore, by entrusting your case to us, you are guaranteed comprehensive and professional service, from the first call.

    Our law firm has truly global experience. We not only represent our clients before external bodies such as EU institutions or EUIPO, WIPO, but also serve foreign clients in English, German, Italian and Spanish. We prepare letters, mediate and contact in this also remotely in all the above-mentioned languages. In addition, we have a proven and well-coordinated team of translators to provide fully professional and comprehensive service for each of our clients.

    RPMS Law Office
    Staniszewski & Partners

    Mickiewcza st 22/8
    Poznań 60-836